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Harvard’s Reign of Terror

​Life is full of change. Semesters end in the blink of an eye, friends come and go, and my future career options change with every week. Change is good, I’m told, and I’ve come to accept this.

“Don’t Do Not You” and Other Pearls of Wisdom from the Class of 2018 Facebook Celebrities

But little do you know, there are celebrities walking among us this very minute. It’s high time they get the recognition they deserve. Presenting… the Class of 2018 Facebook celebrities: Gabriela (Gabi) “Wabi” Thorne ‘18, Tania Fabo ‘18, Maria Zlatkova ‘18, Wyatt Robertson ‘18, and Daniel (Davey) Hughes ‘18.

The Noshoes Verdict: Disney’s Frozen is Based On My Life

The internet is a world of absurd claims about what Frozen is based on. But, I am here to tell you that Frozen is literally based on my crazy experiences with this year's blizzard in Boston. Like I have legitimate sources to prove this.

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