Class of 1988

Campus Workers Unite Under HUCTW

Director of the new Harvard Union of Clerical and Technical Workers Kris Rondeau was attending a rally for Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis’s presidential campaign in a packed Sanders Theater when she received the good news.

Student Complaint Sparks Debate Over Campus Sexism

“It will be a cold day in Bangladesh before [the opening of the clubs to women] happens voluntarily,” Delphic Club member Michael A. Zubrensky ’88 told The Crimson in an article from February 1988.

A Shattered Campus: Self-Segregation at the College

Johnathan O. Williams ’88 was studying late at night in Currier House when four white students catapulting oranges from a neighboring breezeway shattered the plate glass window next to him. Not long after, Williams received a mysterious phone call.

Shadows of Black Monday Felt on Campus

Smith and his friends were huddled silently around a transistor radio in Dunster House, listening to news that the Dow Jones Industrial Average had recorded its largest single-day percentage loss.

Soledad M. O'Brien

When Soledad M. O’Brien ’88-’00 was lobbying for the vote of Cabot House sophomore Charles “Bradley” Raymond ’89, she did not know that she was speaking to her future husband.

A.O. Scott

When the Wicked Witch of the West and her evil winged monkeys appeared on screen in “The Wizard of Oz,” A.O. Scott ’87-’88 ran out of the room screaming.

Stephanie D. Wilson

On July 4, 2006, NASA’s Discovery space shuttle lifted off into space, sending Harvard graduate Stephanie D. Wilson ’88 beyond the earth’s atmosphere for the first time in her life.


An artistic rendering of the Fly Club, which, though it has never had signage outside forbidding women, is men-only. A female student sued the Fly in 1987 for refusing to admit women, sparking a campus-wide debate.

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