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'Just' Visiting?

Given the range of differences in experiences and viewpoints between students in the College and in the VUS program, the University should take whatever steps it can to integrate the two groups, including through shared orientation or activities.


Harvard Should Tread Cautiously With Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh’s alleged misconduct may be a national story, but it is one eerily reminiscent of our own campus culture.


The Wi-Fi is Bad and I Blame HMC

Harvard is right to seek out benefactors. It has a responsibility to see that their generosity is well stewarded.


The Perils of Technocracy at the Kennedy School

We enter the Kennedy School asking what we can do to create positive change. We expect our education here to help. A piece of advice from a soon-to-be graduate: It won’t.


Cambridge Police Can’t Police Themselves

The playbook for Cambridge’s response to Friday’s events will be predictable because Cambridge police have used excessive force on people of color before.

Boston Leprechaun
Around Town

Kiss Me, I’m Very Not Irish and Cold and Confused

It’s stupid cold out today, this March morning with the sky frozen cloudless glacier-blue. The bitter wind and whining bagpipes of the Saint Patrick’s Day parade turns my face numb. I’m desperately clutching two slices of pizza, jostled to and fro among the low-slung buildings of South Boston.

Jonny Sun Sitting

An aliebn Among Us

This week, FM chats with Jonathan F. Sun, an MIT graduate student, illustrator, and author best known for his Twitter persona "jomny sun" (jonnysun).

Consulting Diagram

15 Very Earnest Minutes with the Crimson Consulting Club

"It’s students like you who have changed my entire perspective on the world, but aside from that, motivated me on a daily basis, making me reflect on my entire life."

Cherry Pits

Cherry Pits

The window curtains flutter—apricot-colored like the scent on the breeze—and a few leaves fly in. We’re six floors up; there’s no elevator. My great-grandmother hasn’t left this room in seven years.

harvard square valentine's day backpage

Operation Match

In 1965, two Harvard students created the very first computer-based matchmaking service in the United States. They called it Operation Match.

Chains and Whips Excite Me

Listen, I Don’t Think It Was Unreasonable For Me To Wear My Latex Bodysuit to Adult Night at Legoland

I assumed we were all here for the same reason—to capital-D Discover the power of sensual touch against the backdrop of thousands of tiny plastic bricks.

god genesis

Hebrew Bible's Fall from Grace

And the LORD said, I will destroy the General Education I have created and the covetous section kids who seek to raise their sad GPAs from the dust of the earth.

Comb My Hair

Comb My Hair And Pour The Wine

It’s a type of feminine infrastructure, a commons without tragedy.

Jane Kamensky

Talking Punk Rock at Schlesinger Library

Hothead Paisan, Homicidal Lesbian Terrorist, isn’t your everyday comic-book hero. And “Altered Gazes,” the Schlesinger Library exhibition in which this 1991 comic is featured, is not your everyday collection.

Around Town

Give a Shit

Pooping is a part of life everywhere, but I get the sense that here, it’s a lifestyle.