HKS Diversity

A Difficult Dichotomy: Free Speech and Diversity at the Kennedy School

Students want to make the Kennedy School a more welcoming place for minorities—a priority some say gets lost in administrators’ push for ideological diversity.

HLS Library

U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake to Speak at Law School Class Day

Flake wrote in a statement provided by a spokesperson that he was “honored” the Law School invited him to speak.

To Serve Better Thy Country

Faust Lobbies Against GOP Tax Bill in D.C.

Faust made the rounds in Washington to argue “forcefully” against a Republican tax plan that would create significant financial burdens for the University and its affiliates.

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Class of 2016

GOP Plan Could Cause Grad Student Tax Hike

“It’s very alarming for graduate students,” said Colleen Golja, a graduate student in engineering. “I can’t imagine paying more taxes than I already do.”

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Student Groups

Campus Democrats Celebrate Election Results

Harvard students reacted with a mixture of joy and disappointment to a string of Democratic victories in New Jersey and Virginia after elections on Tuesday.


Rethinking Protest: Charles A. Murray's Campus Visit

Campus organizers debate disruption, protest, and free speech.

IOP Inauguration Watch Party

‘An Encounter of Two Worlds’

Jonathan S. Roberts ’17 and Emily M. Hall ’18 both stood within a few thousand yards of the president. Both had traveled to Washington, D.C. for the inauguration—but they came for very different reasons.

Canvassing for Republican Party

Small Group of Harvard Republicans Campaign in N.H., But Not For Trump

The Harvard Republican Club has canvassed in New Hampshire over the weekend, not for its party's nominee but for incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte, who is in one of the tightest races in the nation.

The Election Issue Cover

The Election Issue

From "Understanding Trump" to "Hillary's Harvard Square Days," here's your one-stop FM shop for all things election-related.

Chuck Hagel at the IOP

Former Defense Secretary Hagel Calls Trump 'Not a Republican Leader'

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Charles T. "Chuck" Hagel lamented the current state of American presidential politics at the Kennedy School on Tuesday, chastising the GOP and its presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Queen's Head Debate Watch

87 Percent of Harvard Undergrads Support Clinton

By comparison, 6 percent of respondents said they would vote for Republican Party nominee Donald Trump, just greater than the 5.8 percent who said they would support Libertarian Party nominee Gary E. Johnson.



Harvard Republican Club Treasurer Kent K. Haeffner ‘18 poses with his Jeb Bush campaign attire outside Quincy House Grille. A native Floridian, Haeffner worked on campus to foster support for the Republican ticket while Jeb Bush remained a contender for the GOP nomination.

Hillary on Poster Tree

Hillary, I Presume?

A free-wheeling odyssey through the heart of the Harvard electorate.

Debate at the Queen's Head

‘Disheartening’ Final Presidential Debate Draws Laughter, Gasps

With Election Day less than three weeks away, students both laughed and gasped while watching Democratic presidential nominee Hillary R. Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump go head to head in the final presidential debate Wednesday night.

The First Debate: The IOP IV

On Harvard’s Campus, Supporters for Trump are Scarce but Resolute

Being a Republican at Harvard has historically been difficult; but supporting Donald J. Trump may give a whole new meaning to the phrase “the elephant in the room.”