Former Senator Jeff Flake Discusses Modern Conservatism with Political Theorists at Harvard

Hundreds of students, faculty, and alumni filled the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum to listen to panelists discuss the transition from traditional to modern American conservatism at an event hosted by the Harvard Kennedy School’s Institute of Politics on Wednesday evening.

'Failure is Not an Option:' Ed Markey and Caroline Kennedy Talk Environmental Policy at IOP

Senator Edward J. Markey (D-MA) answered questions about the “Green New Deal” — a plan he introduced in Congress with Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) to combat economic inequality and climate change — at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute of Politics Friday.

Your Massachusetts Primary Election Primer

Residents head to the polls Tuesday to cast their votes in the state primaries, deciding races that vary from uncompetitive to hotly contested. Here's a primer on the candidates — and where you can vote.

‘An Encounter of Two Worlds’

Jonathan S. Roberts ’17 and Emily M. Hall ’18 both stood within a few thousand yards of the president. Both had traveled to Washington, D.C. for the inauguration—but they came for very different reasons.

Former Defense Secretary Hagel Calls Trump 'Not a Republican Leader'

Former U.S. Secretary of Defense Charles T. "Chuck" Hagel lamented the current state of American presidential politics at the Kennedy School on Tuesday, chastising the GOP and its presidential nominee Donald Trump.

87 Percent of Harvard Undergrads Support Clinton

By comparison, 6 percent of respondents said they would vote for Republican Party nominee Donald Trump, just greater than the 5.8 percent who said they would support Libertarian Party nominee Gary E. Johnson.


Harvard Republican Club Treasurer Kent K. Haeffner ‘18 poses with his Jeb Bush campaign attire outside Quincy House Grille. A native Floridian, Haeffner worked on campus to foster support for the Republican ticket while Jeb Bush remained a contender for the GOP nomination.

‘Disheartening’ Final Presidential Debate Draws Laughter, Gasps

With Election Day less than three weeks away, students both laughed and gasped while watching Democratic presidential nominee Hillary R. Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump go head to head in the final presidential debate Wednesday night.

Righting the Record

Conservative New York Times columnist Ross G. Douthat ‘02 and historian Donald T. Critchlow led a panel discussion on women’s roles, family values, homosexuality, and reproductive policy at the Knafel Center Monday afternoon. The Schlesinger Library hosted the event as a part of an initiative to create a more complete and balanced history of our times.

A Plurality of Republican Club Members Support Johnson

Nearly half of decided Harvard College Republicans not backing Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump have instead opted to support Libertarian Party nominee Gary E. Johnson, according to club president Declan P. Garvey ’17.

Students Pack IOP, Houses to Watch Presidential Debate

​The Institute of Politics’ John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum was filled to capacity with students eager to watch Hillary R. Clinton and Donald J. Trump duke it out during Monday’s presidential debate.

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