Scoped: Eric Q. Doyle

We got a tip that the nut guy at the farmer's market was hot. So we had to see for ourselves. Mostly, we imagine, people ask him, "What's the price of your nuts?" We rose above and asked the serious questions. We even (reluctantly) rejected the free samples.

Scoped!: Justin J. Moore '15

Why you switched allegiances: Harvard’s opportunities, including working for a consulting startup in Boston, and enjoying a real city. And the poopetrator scandal, obviously. That’s one of the reasons why I got out.

Kelsey H. Natsuhara, a senior at Winthrop House and a Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology concentrator, walks through brisk autumn air, raising just 4'11" above the ground.

Scoped!: Brandon J. Ortiz '12

Sexiest physical trait: Let’s just say, when I lay out, I burn. And when I burn, I peel. And when I peel, everything peels.

Scoped! Harvard Douchebag

Ryan A. Duncan ’13 says he wouldn’t consider himself a douche—his friends created the meme after snapping a candid picture of Duncan with a newly purchased camera. Is he truly a Harvard douchebag? FM tracked down the man behind the meme so you could decide. Keep in mind: Harvard Good Guy declined to be Scoped!

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