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Hey Professor: Toni L. Griffin

FM sat down with Griffin at her new exhibit in Gund Library, “Design for the Just City,” named after her popular class, to discuss justice in urban environments including Cambridge.

Yasmin Siraj (top)
Fifteen Most Interesting

Yasmin Siraj

“I would throw fits when they wouldn’t let me on the ice because I was so small,” ​Yasmin Siraj ’18 says.


Fifteen Minutes with Rupi Kaur

Indeed, Kaur has established herself as a very political figure. She often writes about the immigrant experience and current events, but has also stirred controversy writing about experiences that are not entirely her own.

EMS Softball Game

The 'What If': Crimson EMS

During the average week, the EMTs monitor between one and five intramural sports games per night and one or two parties per night on weekends.


Horoscopes: What Are You Doing This Summer?

Let FM tell you what you'll be doing this summer.

A movie theater.

Endpaper: The Overbearing 'E'

Though at school and on weekends, I thrived while constantly surrounded by people, there was something I did not realize about myself: I actually spent a lot of time alone.

Yunhan Xu
Fifteen Most Interesting

Yunhan Xu

Xu has spent her time at Harvard straddling the worlds of STEM and art.

Harvard Professors on Trump

The Rise of Trump: Harvard Professors Weigh In

​Three weeks before the presidential election, the basement of Boylston Hall is filled with John Oliver’s voice, blaring, “Make Donald Drumpf Again.”

Matthew Hersch
History of Science

Knife-fighting and Cardboard Bazookas: A Conversation with Matthew Hersch

On the first day of class Hersch demonstrated how one might load a musket while riding a horse.

Beth Altringer
Graduate School of Design

Beth A. Altringer

Altringer’s spring class, Design Survivor: Experiential Lessons in Designing for Desirability, involves weekly team challenges to create a “holistic product experience.”

The Faces of TDM

Showtime: A Look at TDM's Debut

Johnson’s Movement Lab is one of many classes offered this year as part of Harvard’s newest concentration: Theater, Dance, and Media.






The Word: March

We had to figure out how to stay close because neither of us could remember or imagine life without the other one in it.

T Adventures

He's a Day Tripper

Meet Dalen L. Ferreira ’19, who spends his free time riding the T.