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Should Harvard Increase Its Class Size?

In light of the rising rate of rejections and the increasing number of extremely qualified applicants in an admissions pool, the inevitable question has arisen: should elite schools like Harvard increase class sizes in order to accommodate these changes? Unfortunately, though, this approach is far from practical and would only hurt the student body overall.

Admissions Stories: Where Were You When You Got In?

Last Thursday, the future Harvard Class of 2018 received the emails of their lifetime. In honor of Decision Day, FM collected some acceptance stories from both current students and faculty and staff who once attended Harvard College.

Is Undermatching Overvalued?

It’s a fact that students in the lowest income quartile constitute less than 4% of enrollment at the nation’s most selective institutions. Among the many possible explanations, one of the most-talked about reasons is the theory of undermatching.

Accessing Harvard

When Valerie J. Piro ’14 was Currier HoCo chair, she couldn’t storm the freshman dorms on Housing Day like everyone else—she had to hand off the housing letters to a friend and watch as the rest of the group ran in. Dianna Hu ’15, a computer science concentrator, can’t use the back door of the science center—she has to enter through the front despite where she’s coming from, as there is no automatic button at the back for her to press. No matter how much she may want to, Chanel E. Washington ’15 can’t attend social events in certain houses; if the common rooms aren’t accessible, then she’s out of luck.

Things We’d Rather Do Than Go To Class After Harvard-Yale

We all enjoyed being away from Harvard for a bit for the 130th playing of The Game—but unlike our peers at Yale, we Harvard students have class to come back to on Monday. Flyby came up with a list of just a few of the many things we’d rather do than sit in a Monday section after The Game.