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Get "Closer" in the Ex

An unconventional love story about two interchanging couples, “Closer,” which opens on Friday in the Loeb Ex, could either be the perfect show or the worst show to take your date to. Exploring the selfish and sadistic motives of love, the play promises to be as abrasive and irresistible as a destructive relationship. "’Closer’ is brutally honest, I think that's what I like about it. There are no bells and whistles. It is quite raw and bare," says Lily R. Glimcher '14, a first-time director. "I wanted a play with a small cast that would allow me to explore the complex psyche of these characters and their relationships.

In And Around Language: "Quiz"

Rumor has it that in 1791, a prankster and Dublin theater proprietor by the name of James Daly made a bet that he could make up a nonsensical word that would become a catchphrase overnight. He hired a group of street actors to write the word “quiz” on the walls around Dublin, and the next day people were asking each other what “quiz” meant. No doubt some know-it-alls claimed they had the answer, while others thought it was a test.

"Acres of Diamonds" Unearths American Drama

Boyd infuses this family drama with the familiar setup of chasing the American Dream, symbolically setting the opening scene on the Fourth of July. Still, Boyd manages to make the story his own by bringing it into the present day, in the aftermath of the last recession, which gives the theme of lost and broken American dreams added poignancy and realism.

"Crescendo" Builds Varied Showcase

The Harvard Ballet Company has grown immensely since its founding in 1993. Now, in its upcoming "Crescendo," the group will both bring back old pieces and perform completely new choreography.

The Game: TS Eliot

November is the cruelest month, breeding Yalies out of the far-flung dung, mixing Bulldogs and good Pilgrims, stirring False hope with the smell of ambition.

Lagarde Discusses Changing Nature of Leadership at HKS Class Day

Christine M. O. Lagarde, the managing director of the International Monetary Fund, spoke about seizing leadership opportunities in a changing geopolitical world order in her speech to graduating students at Harvard Kennedy School’s Class Day on Wednesday.

University-Wide Conference Discusses Possibility of Peace for Israel

In a reversal of the typical pattern of many a campus conversation on the Middle East, the Israel Conference at Harvard on Thursday and Friday aimed to discuss ways that Israel can help the rest of the world rather than ways that the world can help solve problems in Israel, organizers of the student-led symposium said.