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Drinking Game: Reading Week and Finals Edition

Reading period is a great time to do in a week what you should have been doing all semester. Whether you need to catch up on reading or drinking, FM created a game that suits both.

Drinky-Drink: Harvard-Yale

With Harvard-Yale weekend rapidly approaching, students from both universities are gearing up for fun, festivities, and friendly(ish) competition. Although the game is formally billed as the highlight of the weekend, for many of us it really only exists as a nominal excuse for the ensuing drinking, debauchery, reunions with Yale friends and frenemies, and, if you’re me, repeated nostalgic YouTube viewings of Tom Lehrer’s infamous satirical fight song. To keep up morale throughout the weekend, Flyby has come up with a guide to maximizing your celebratory spirit if you choose to imbibe. Whether or not you decide to make alcohol part of your weekend (or most of it), be responsible, enjoy, and stay safe on the mean streets of New Haven.

Where Else Mankiw Should Lecture (No, Not Sanders Theatre)

On Wednesday, professor N. Gregory Mankiw was over in Providence delivering a guest lecture to students at Brown (he managed to fit that in when he’s only scheduled to lecture in his intro economics course six times this semester). Flyby came up with a list of other places where Mankiw could guest lecture.

Throwback Thursday

Last week’s Boston victory may have marked the end of baseball season, but the Sox, along with Harvard’s own baseball team, won’t stop working hard, or be forgotten by their many fans any time soon. This now-esteemed sport has not always garnered favorable reactions, however—particularly from former Harvard President Charles William Eliot.

Trick-or-Treat at Professors' Homes

Since you've been meaning to go to office hours all semester, get face time with your favorite faculty members by showing up to their houses on Halloween and demanding candy. Here’s what FM imagines that they’ll be giving out.