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Hey Professor: Tourism Photography with Robin Kelsey

​In the era of vacation photoshoots, iPhone cameras, and “doing it for the Insta,” 21st century vacations often include more time spent camera-in-hand than not. History of Art and Architecture Chair Robin E. Kelsey, who specializes in the history of photography, sits down with FM to chat about our tourist tendencies.​

Photo Essay: Bangkok, Thailand

Choomchon Pattaya slum is just one of Bangkok’s many slums. However, this particular community shares a wall with some of the most exclusive and opulent night clubs in Bangkok and has become a hub for drug deals and crime. Overflowing with trash, sewage, and the remnants of bulldozed shacks, the slum is a side of Thailand that most tourists are unaware of—and a side of Thailand that the government is attempting to wipe out with little care to the communities that reside within them.

Pavić in Process

I’d been told to “swim” in the intellectual environment, to identify with the author and his sources, rather than scoop out what I wanted with my usual external and surgical precision.

Welcome, Nomads

The work I was doing is easy to put into do-gooder buzzwords: access, public health, marginalization, human rights, etc., etc. It’s the sort of work that Harvard likes to fund.

Photo Essay: Santiago, Chile

Santiago, the vibrant, overwhelmingly modern capital of Chile, is a sprawling metropolis of seven million people. Amidst the sea of contemporary architecture, there are remnants of the city’s dark, not-so-distant past: the years of political oppression, human rights abuses, and socioeconomic inequality the country suffered under the Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorship from 1973 to 1990. Underneath it all, however, Santiago lives up to its nickname of "Sanhattan"— a city that's always in motion, that never sleeps, and that’s home to great spots for exploration.

Photo Essay: New Year Celebrations in Japan

Happy New Year from Osaka, Japan! I had a special moment with my family, ate traditional Japanese “Osechi” dishes, visited a temple to make wishes for the coming year, and traveled a time-honored street in Kyoto.

Tourist Buffet

When the tour guide told us that we would be eating lunch at a buffet right next to the entrance to Machu Picchu, I imagined a theme-park extravaganza of starch and docile proteins, coated in a gloss of mayonnaise.

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