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Hannah Natanson is the Managing Editor for the 145th guard. She can be reached at Follow her on Twitter @hannah_natanson.

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Loeb House
Front Feature

Presidential Search Committee Begins to Narrow Candidate Pool

Several donors and professors said there are four likely contenders from within the University: Business School Dean Nitin Nohria, professor Danielle S. Allen, FAS Dean Michael D. Smith, and Provost Alan M. Garber ’76.

Alexander H. Patel '17-'18

Patel Remembered as ‘Incredible Friend,’ Brilliant Student

Those who knew Alexander H. Patel '17-'18, a Philosophy and Mathematics concentrator, remember him as a brilliant student and a devoted friend.

Campus Resources
Front Feature

Harvard Senior Dies In ‘Heartbreaking’ Loss

Alexander H. Patel ’18, an Adams House senior, has died in a “heartbreaking” loss, Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana wrote in an email to students Sunday.

Math Common Room

'A Sort of Everyday Struggle'

Women in Harvard's math department report a bevy of inequalities—from a discouraging absence of female faculty to a culture of "math bro" condescension.

Student Forum for the Presidential Search
Student Life

Students Debate Qualities, Priorities of Next President at Forum

Students from schools across Harvard spent two hours debating the ideal qualities and priorities of the University’s next president.

Breaking the Silicon Ceiling

Students Promote Computer Science Professor for Harvard Presidency

Some students are launching an online campaign in an unconventional effort to promote Computer Science professor Margo I. Seltzer ’83 as a possible candidate for Harvard's presidency.

Social Life President Search

'Not Going Anywhere'

It will fall to Harvard’s 29th president to implement and oversee the University’s historic effort to reshape undergraduate social life.

University Hall

Diversity Dean Says He Will Not Be Involved With Sanctions

Unlike his predecessor, Harvard’s new associate dean for diversity and inclusion Roland S. Davis will not help develop or negotiate the College’s year-old sanctions on members of single-gender campus social groups.

Protesting DeVos

At Harvard, Free Speech Likely Costs Thousands

As controversial speakers draw vigorous on-campus protest, Harvard has shelled out upwards of $10,000 per event in security fees.

Honor Council Town-Hall Meeting
Front Feature

Honor Council Increases Training Sessions for Teaching Fellows

The added trainings come on the heels of a broader outreach effort intended to grow the Council’s influence on campus.

Harry Lewis
Student Groups

Student Groups Lobby Professors to Vote Against Social Group Policy

​Several student groups—including the Harvard Republican Club—are lobbying professors to support a Faculty motion designed to kill the College’s proposed regulations of undergraduate social life.

Protesting DeVos
The Scoop

Twizzlers, Texts, and Betsy DeVos: the Making of a Protest

Demonstrators hoped to decry DeVos’s policies and highlight what they saw as Harvard’s complicity in legitimizing them—but they also wanted to “reclaim the narrative” of peaceful protest in the United States.

Brett Flehinger

Honor Council Increases Student Outreach, Meets With Athletic Teams

The College’s Honor Council is increasing its outreach to students this semester as part of a broader push to grow the body’s influence on campus.

CS50 orientation
College News

Honor Council Reports 'Inappropriate Collaboration' Cases Doubled Last Year

In its report, the Honor Council obliquely referenced CS50, writing that “one large introductory course” had skewed the data for last year.

Fly Club
Final Clubs

Faculty Committee Offers Alternatives to Social Group Ban in Final Report

The committee suggested that the University instead consider a full social group ban as one of several possible options for reshaping social life at the College.