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Psychedelic Club

A Look at the Dark Room Collective and the Psychedelic Club

When the poet Kevin Young ’92 wrote in his book of cultural criticism, The Grey Album: On the Blackness of Blackness, that “once you’re in, you’re in forever,” he did not mean Harvard, or his house, or a final club. Young meant the Dark Room Collective, one of the dozens of unofficial intellectual societies that have cropped up at Harvard over the centuries.

Fifteen Hottest Doors: Gallery

Fifteen Hottest Doors

Archdoor Franz Doordinand: Self-explanatory.

Advising fortnight/Freud was right

Advising fortnight/Freud was right

General Venn Diagram

Venn Diagram: Advising Fortnight/Realizing Freud was Right

Confused? Call your mom.


Venn Diagram: Harvard Radcliffe Merger vs. Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger

What do they have in common? Both involve white men reluctantly acquiescing to desegregation.



Patriots Parade

Patriots Parade

The players rode modified truck beds in the Patriot’s fifth Super Bowl victory parade last Tuesday.

Patriots Parade
Around Town

One for the Thumb: Patriots Parade

Even after a 45 minute delay, snow-covered New Englanders were lined up 10 bodies deep along the parade barricades.


Dancin’ in the Street: A Silent Disco

The event itself was so much more than just a platform for sharing music. The experience made silently rocking out to your favorite songs perfectly acceptable—even encouraged.

Student Delegates

The Conventional Wisdom

When Sruthi Palaniappan ’20 arrived at her hotel in Philadelphia, Pa., last July, she stood in line next to CNN host Wolf Blitzer.

When will the water stop?

Makin' It Rain

In the fall of 1924, Chaffee officially launched his mission to control the weather.

Ballot Box
Undergraduate Council

FM Imagines: The Presidential Candidates Run for UC

FM imagines what the UC campaigns would look like if the current presidential candidates were on the ballot.