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Mariko O'Neil

Mariko O’Neil

“We just sat and chatted about music,” she remembers. “I felt like I learned as much in that as I would have in a class.”

Andrea Flores

Lipstick and Legislation in Obama’s White House

When Andrea Flores was elected as the first Latinx president of the Harvard Undergraduate Council in 2008, her lipstick posed a problem.

Around Town

Driving Science Forward

BioBus originated as an experiment to test Dubin-Thaler’s hypothesis that, given the opportunity to use research-microscopes to perform hands-on experiments, anyone would fall in love with science.

Ashrita Furman Blowtorch

In Other News, How Is This Man Still Alive?

Ashrita Furman holds the record for breaking Guinness world records, but, curiously, his philosophy centers on the the search for happiness and the practice of meditation.

Sexy Vase
Around Town

Vases, but Make It Sexy

The room we are in contains, as our tour guide explains, the majority of the museum’s antiquity holdings. We’re here on the official tour that was advertised on Eventbrite as the “Sexy Vases Tour for Parents.”

Home for Spring Break
Termtime Postcards

Spring Break Postcard: Having to Be There

Instead of settling themselves through sharing, certain stories seemed to become tainted in the act of telling.

Home for Spring Break
Spring Break

Home for Spring Break

"Still, I found there were some things, however important, that I was suddenly reluctant to tell her."

Flyby Blog

Phone-y Personalities

Which of these phone-y personalities fits you?