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Polina N. Whitehouse

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Bureau of Study Counsel

Harvard Closes a 72-Year Old Door

The replacement of the Bureau of Study Council by the Academic Resource Center signals a shift away from the Bureau’s combined model of counseling for personal and educational concerns.

Ashrita Furman Blowtorch

In Other News, How Is This Man Still Alive?

Ashrita Furman holds the record for breaking Guinness world records, but, curiously, his philosophy centers on the the search for happiness and the practice of meditation.

Dan Lobo at OCS

The Experience Gap

"I would ask them, 'Why do you want to do this?' And [they’re] sort of dancing around this idea that they just want to make money. I was noticing that some students just weren't comfortable saying that. And I sort of remember being in that head space.”
The Scoop

Harvard's Online Anons

In the past year, three anonymous online platforms have taken up this imperative to create digital communities.

Harvard Walking Club
Around Town

Change of Pace

Terry G. Ni ’20-’21 gestures proudly towards the weathered road sign at the intersection. On it, stamped underneath an arrow that points backwards in the direction that we walked from are the words “Harvard Square.” We’ve made it to the final destination of our Saturday morning walk.