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Advice to Josh: Quarantine

With a limited amount of things to do in quarantine, FM is coming back from its six-year hiatus to provide advice to our eternal and anonymous freshman, Josh. We’ve asked FM writers to help Josh come up with some new ideas to help pass his time in quarantine. Josh didn’t even ask for FM’s advice — so you can be the judge of who’s really crying for help here. Anyway, here are their expert answers.

The Virtual Experience

Without the ability to experience campus, the class of 2024 must now make a college decision based predominantly on online resources, of which some students are wary because they are provided by colleges themselves.

Amitai Abouzaglo

After growing up on what he describes as an “island,” Amitai B. Abouzaglo ’20 came to Harvard eager to create meaningful and wide-ranging relationships in a way that his insular upbringing had not allowed.

Working Out With Professor Pull-ups

Sandel hopes to continue combining his interest in philosophy with his interests in both law and fitness. “I try to take lessons that I would learn in the gym and apply them to life more generally,” he says. “Your goal is an event in its own right; pour everything you have into that and don’t look at the finish line. That is something you learn from training for these pull up competitions.”

Those Who Can Do, Teach

Harvard students interested in education may encounter an undergraduate community often focused on a particular vision of success — one that does not always afford visibility to the teaching profession.

Buying Art Like Vegetables

The “harvest” featured at this market, however, isn’t farmers’ produce. Cambridge’s Community Supported Art is a unique program — purportedly the only one of its kind in the country — that sells local artwork using the traditional farmshare model.