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Woojin Lim

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The Right to Strike

The right to strike is a right to resist oppression.

Money, Harvard, and Morals

If we truly believe that “Harvard” should steer clear of unethical financing, we should also demand a reciprocal duty from ourselves.

Asking Philosopher T. M. Scanlon ‘What We Owe to Each Other’

The title of Professor Scanlon's book, "What We Owe to Each Other," was adopted into an episode of NBC's "The Good Place." FM sat down with Scanlon to chat about "The Good Place," the definition of morality, and why we should study philosophy.

Summer Postcard: Starcrew

I sought to take a picture of this very moment, to leave an imprint to look back upon, but I realized that no attempt at photographic mimesis could ever capture the boundless freedom and comfort I experienced.