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Revisiting Cambridge's Recurring Income for Success and Empowerment Program

RISE was spearheaded by Mayor Sumbul Siddiqui, Vice Mayor Alanna M. Mallon and Councilor Marc C. McGovern in cooperation with community organizations like Just A Start and Cambridge Community Foundation. “The hope is that once people gain a little bit more security, they can use that financial security to then help them move forward,” McGovern says.

Dr. Jeffrey D. Rediger's Pillars of Spontaneous Healing

In 2003, Rediger decided to collect and examine these cases to better understand what was behind these spontaneous recoveries. “Although I was able to fit most of those stories into the worldview that I’d been trained in as a physician, some of them I couldn’t,” he explains.

Black Joy, Black Laughter, and Black Comedy

Social isolation caused by the pandemic has made events like Tickle Me Tuesdays, a weekly all-Black comedy show, all the more essential —  they create a space for Black folk to be happy and celebrate one another.

Embracing 'Soulfully Textured' Hair

"The event hall smells like a Black-owned beauty supply store: the distinct and complex combination of lavender, hibiscus, argan oil, shea butter, and coconut oil. Black women roam the event hall, sporting curly hair of all different textures and styles."

A New Space for Podcasts

It’s a Friday afternoon in Los Angeles. Samuel T. Rukeyser and David S. Lu Zoom in from their backyard, where they’re seated in white lawn chairs. Lu, who wears a simple gray sweatshirt, leans back with his legs crossed. Rukeyser has on a T-shirt with a pair of sunglasses tucked into the neck. They look, for lack of a better word, cool — pretty close to what you’d expect from two guys who dropped out of Harvard to create their own app. In their case, the app is Airr, an audio sharing platform.