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Amidst Harvard’s record-setting $6.5 billion capital campaign, the University tries to raise hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Sometimes, though, raising money means making a sale.

Gutman Library
University Finances

Record $35.5 Million Donation to GSE funds Early Childhood Initiative

​In a record donation to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, The Saul Zaentz Charitable Foundation gifted $35.5 million to establish an early childhood education initiative, bringing the school’s campaign to 93 percent of its total goal.

House Life

FAS Shifts Strategy for Pitching House Renewal

As Harvard cruises past its $6.5 billion capital campaign goal, Faculty of Arts and Sciences administrators have rethought how they pitch House renewal, one of the campaign's top priorities, to donors and alumni.

If You Build It
Central Administration

If You Build It

At Thursday’s groundbreaking ceremony, Harvard Business School members gather to celebrate the construction of Klarman Hall. The new structure is funded by a gift from Seth and Beth Klarman as part of the ongoing University-wide $6.5 billion capital campaign.

Harvard Medical School
Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School Passes 70 Percent of Capital Campaign Goal

As of March 1, Harvard Medical School had raised $531 million, achieving just over 70 percent of its goal of $750M. This marks an additional $64M in contributions since October, and includes donations from 8,900 people, according to a release from HMS.

Harvard University President Drew G. Faust

Harvard's Capital Campaign Meets $6.5 Billion Goal

After only two and a half years of its five year-long public fundraising drive, Harvard broke a higher education record. Here's a look at the campaign's biggest moments.

Dunster Digs

Administrators Use Renovated Dunster to Pitch House Renewal

As administrators polish their remaining Harvard-wide fundraising priorities in a record-breaking $6.5 billion capital campaign, they have turned to Dunster House as a platform and venue for pitching the House renewal project, a priority that still needs fulfilling.

The Desks Of GSD
Graduate School of Design

As University Surpasses Campaign Goal, GSD Still Unfulfilled

Though Harvard has surpassed its $6.5 billion public campaign goal, the Graduate School of Design is still $22 million away from reaching its individual benchmark.

Most Recent Capital Campaigns of Peer Institutions
University Finances

Goal In Hand, Harvard Campaign Polishes Priorities

Its goal reached and some of its largest gifts collected, the “One Harvard” campaign will now finish the more humble task of polishing off priorities and engaging rank and file donors.

Massachusetts Hall

With At Least $6.5 Billion Raised, Harvard Sets Higher Education Fundraising Record

Harvard has raised at least $6.5 billion in its capital campaign, breaking a higher education fundraising record after only two and half years of its five year-long public drive, according to two donors with direct knowledge of the campaign’s progress.

Electrical Engineering
Harvard in the City

One Semester In, Doyle Outlines Vision for SEAS

Arriving at Harvard by way of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Doyle has taken the helm at a unique time in SEAS’s history.


Two Years Later, Griffin Gift Impacts Potential Donors

More than two years after Kenneth C. Griffin ’89’s record-breaking gift to Harvard in support of the College’s financial aid program, administrators said the gift has been impactful both for hundreds of undergraduates and potential donors.

Semitic Museum

Semitic Museum Fundraises to Increase Digitization

The Semitic Museum is focusing its fundraising efforts on incorporating new technology into its exhibits to engage students in hands-on learning as part of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences’ portion of Harvard’s ongoing capital campaign.

Harvard Business School

HBS Campaign Reaches $925 Million of $1 Billion Goal

Harvard Business School has raised $925 million for its capital campaign, nearing its final goal of $1 billion capital campaign, according to Dean Nitin Nohria.

Commencement 2015
Capital Campaign

Memorial Church to Undergo Renovations

​In the midst of multiple upcoming renovations across campus, Harvard’s Memorial Church is slated to undergo renovations that will increase accessibility to the building, improve sustainability standards, and establish a new student space in the center of campus.