History of Science

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Earth Science Week

Natural History Museum Celebrates Earth Science Week

Scientists and researchers at Harvard’s museums shared their knowledge of fossils, gems, and other geological artifacts with the public this week as a part of Earth Science Week.

Harvard Medical School

One Year after Marathon Bombings, Countway Library’s Digital Archive Commemorates Emergency Medical Response

The Countway Library of Medicine is continuing its efforts to expand “Strong Medicine,” a digital archive that captures and compiles the stories of last year’s emergency respondents.

Hammonds on Sabbatical

Out of Spotlight, Hammonds Quietly Prepares for New Research Initiative

Nine months after she left University Hall and her tenure as dean of Harvard College, Evelynn M. Hammonds is laying the groundwork for a new research initiative and her return to the classroom.

Poster Child

Poster Child

A poster of the human skeletal system hangs at the Body of Knowledge display in Science Center 251. The exhibition, which focuses on the history of human anatomy, runs until Dec. 5, 2014.

Poster Child

New Exhibit Explores History and Science of Human Dissection

A new exhibit in the Science Center showcases human body parts and historical objects related to the science of dissection and anatomy.

Social Sciences Division

Scientists Modify Cotton and Polyester to Display Repellent Properties

By modifying cotton and polyester fabrics with a coating that repels almost any type of substance, a research team from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering could be close to changing the nature of several consumer and industrial products—as well as the need for laundry.

Time Reckonings

Time Reckonings

Daniel L. Smail, a professor in the History Department at Harvard, is talking about the importance of timekeeping systems and how our modern life is sructured around the clock. The event was followed up by an exhibition.

Time Reckonings

Today in Photos (10/25/2013)

Social Sciences Division



Concentration Satisfaction: Class of 2012

As freshmen enter the second week of Advising Fortnight, Flyby presents a complete set of data from the Class of 2012's concentration satisfaction ratings. For all freshmen looking to narrow down the list of potential concentrations, sophomores or juniors curious about their chosen concentrations, and seniors reflecting on their undergraduate careers, here are the stats from last year's graduating seniors on how satisfied they were with their respective concentrations. Check out our four interactive graphs showing overall satisfaction rates among Humanities, Natural Sciences, SEAS, and Social Sciences concentrators in the Class of 2012.

History of Science


These sundials are just a few of the timepieces displayed in Time and Time Again, a new exhibit curated by the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments. The show is meant to explore both scientific and cultural perception of time in human society.


Museum Exhibit Dials In on Time

Objects ranging from primitive Bedouin calendars to Japanese timekeeping are part of an ambitious interdisciplinary exploration of one of history’s most ubiquitous themes: time.

History of Science

History of Science Rethinks Sophomore Tutorial

The History of Science department unveiled a revamped sophomore tutorial this semester featuring virtual interviews, student-driven lectures, and a chance for students to engage in independent research.



Student Life

5 New Courses for the Undecided Shopper

Despite all its pluses and perks, shopping period does present Harvard students with one potential problem: buyer's remorse. While students filing into course book mainstays like Ec10 and LS1b pretty much know what to expect from the semester, nothing screams caveat emptor quite like the words "New Course" (and the telltale lack of a Q score) next to a class names. But new courses aren't all bad and often offer students a chance to snag a gem of a class before words gets out and the whole shebang is lotteried the following year. So, for those daring students who are eager to plunge into the great unknown (or who couldn't get into Maria Tatar's fairy tales class), here are five new courses that you might want to check out.

Free Time

In Search of Lost Time

Photo Man
Ivy League

Beyond The Silver Screen

Larry, In His Element

Professor Summers

Data Sculpture
Visual Arts

Painting by the Numbers: Data Visualization