Animals on Campus

Dunster House Deans Axe Annual Goat Roast

Bringing an end to a decades-old Dunster House tradition, Faculty Deans Cheryl K. Chen and Sean D. Kelly canceled the main event of the House’s annual goat roast: the skinning and barbecuing of a locally sourced goat in the courtyard.


A petting zoo facilitator shows a Harvard student how to hold a kid named Blizzard, Monday afternoon. The petting zoo, held on the Science Center Plaza, featured goats, ducks, chicks and rabbits for visitors to hold.

Meet President Faust’s Mysterious New Puppy

​Everyone loves a good puppy study break. Life at Harvard is stressful, and nothing says relaxation like a small four-legged animal with a wet nose and an unpredictable bladder. No one knows this better than University President Drew G. Faust.

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