Animals on Campus

Harvard Law Clinic Aids Animal Welfare Groups’ Lawsuit Against United States Department of Agriculture

The animal welfare groups — New England Anti-Vivisection Society, Animal Legal Defense Fund, and International Primate Protection League — called on the USDA several years ago to widely disseminate standards promoting the psychological well-being of primates.

Dunster House Deans Axe Annual Goat Roast

Bringing an end to a decades-old Dunster House tradition, Faculty Deans Cheryl K. Chen and Sean D. Kelly canceled the main event of the House’s annual goat roast: the skinning and barbecuing of a locally sourced goat in the courtyard.


A petting zoo facilitator shows a Harvard student how to hold a kid named Blizzard, Monday afternoon. The petting zoo, held on the Science Center Plaza, featured goats, ducks, chicks and rabbits for visitors to hold.

Meet President Faust’s Mysterious New Puppy

​Everyone loves a good puppy study break. Life at Harvard is stressful, and nothing says relaxation like a small four-legged animal with a wet nose and an unpredictable bladder. No one knows this better than University President Drew G. Faust.

Pet Therapy

Students enjoy the company of bunnies, ducks, pigs, and goats at the pet therapy zoo, an event sponsored by the Harvard Common Spaces Program on Friday afternoon in the Science Center Plaza.

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