Hemenway Gym

Recreation Centers Introduce New Equipment Check-Out Policy

Hemenway Gymnasium and Malkin Athletic Center users must now check out equipment like sweat towels after dozens of towels and other equipment went missing. Users who fail to return their towels under the new policy will face fines if they don’t return them after an emailed warning.

The Types of People You'll Find at Hemenway

Head over to the Law School's gym and you'll encounter quite an interesting set of specimen.

Hemenway's Short Stories: Simon

The gym was crowded, like a bar in Pamplona during a Festival. College students talked by the front desk. Graduate students also talked by the front desk. College students and graduate students did not talk to each other.

Hemenway’s Short Stories: By the Fountain

As he drank water from the fountain he thought of the girl at the front desk. She was young and strong and wore a red “Hemenway Gymnasium” shirt. He smiled at her when she swiped his I.D. card, but they never spoke.

First Stop: Vinyasa

You may have heard the word "Vinyasa" used before to describe a yoga class, but do you really know what it means? Vinyasa is a style of yoga that emphasizes breath-movement coordination and repetitions of flowing poses.

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