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CS50 Releases Report on ‘Regret Clause,’ Cheating Cases

Computer Science 50: “Introduction to Computer Science I” released a report about the long-term efficacy of its “regret clause,” an academic honesty policy that stirred controversy upon its induction in 2014 for allegedly bypassing the Honor Council.

Honor Council Increases Training Sessions for Teaching Fellows

The added trainings come on the heels of a broader outreach effort intended to grow the Council’s influence on campus.

Honor Council Increases Student Outreach, Meets With Athletic Teams

The College’s Honor Council is increasing its outreach to students this semester as part of a broader push to grow the body’s influence on campus.

Brett Flehinger

Brett Flehinger, the Secretary of the Honor Council and the Associate Dean for Academic Integrity and Student Conduct, discusses the Honor Council report released Monday with Jack W. Jue '18, a voting member of the Council.

A Wave of Cheating Cases in CS50

Over 60 enrollees in Harvard's flagship computer science course appeared before the Honor Council to face allegations of academic dishonesty. Here's a look at what's happened and why.

Sophomores, Sciences Saw Most Honor Council Cases Last Year

The vast majority of 115 academic dishonesty cases the College’s Honor Council heard last academic year occurred in courses offered in the Sciences Division or the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, according to the adjudicating body’s first-ever annual report.

Quieting Previous Publicity Campaign, Honor Council Selects 11

Eleven new students have been selected to serve on the College’s Honor Council next year, at a time when the adjudicating body has deliberately decreased its public presence.

Honor Council Takes to Dining Halls To Expand Outreach

Undergraduate members of the student-faculty body tasked with implementing the College’s first honor code are reaching out to their classmates in dining halls and lecture halls about the goals and philosophy of the young committee.

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