Bacow at Convocation

Bacow Wastes No Time Making His Mark on Harvard

July and August can be sleepy and stifling in Cambridge — but the hot weather didn't deter University President Lawrence S. Bacow from a frenzied round of activity in his first two months as Harvard's 29th top leader.

The Fly Club at Night
Final Clubs

Social Groups Spent $90,000 Lobbying Congress to Cancel Sanctions in Second Quarter of 2018

Two groups led in part by members of Harvard final clubs spent $90,000 in the second quarter of 2018 lobbying for a bill that could imperil the College’s sanctions.

Drew Faust

In Letter to Pruitt, Faust Condemns Suggested EPA Rule on Scientific Research

The proposed rule, which Faust called "fundamentally flawed," calls on the EPA to make public all data used to support scientific studies that inform its regulations.

Final Club Lobbying Illustration
Final Clubs

Final Club Lobbying Illustration

Final Club Lobbying Illustration

To Fight Sanctions, Harvard Social Groups Take 'The Legislative Path'

Some Harvard social groups are taking the fight to cancel the College's controversial sanctions all the way to Capitol Hill.

Arnold & Porter

Arnold & Porter

Arnold & Porter is an international law firm located in Washington, D.C.

Final Clubs

Social Group Coalitions Spent $90,000 Lobbying On Anti-Sanctions Bill in First Quarter of 2018

Two organizations spent a total of $90,000 in the first quarter of 2018 lobbying around legislation that could imperil the College’s ability to enforce its social group sanctions.


Harvard Spent $610k Lobbying Congress in 2017

The uptick in lobbying fees came during a year in which Harvard—and higher education more broadly—faced a number of legislative challenges.

Capitol Building
Central Administration

Faust Says Bacow Will 'Focus' on PROSPER Act, Though Bill Remains Stalled

Faust said she thinks President-elect Bacow—who will take office in June 2018—will keep a watchful eye on the PROSPER Act.

Dems Lobbying Day 2018
Harvard College Democrats

College Democrats Visit State House for Lobby Day

Around 30 students met with state legislators at the State House Thursday to advocate for five bills as part of the Harvard College Democrats’ semesterly Lobby Day.

Capitol Building

Harvard Undergrads Lobby Congress In Effort to Imperil Sanctions

The students are particularly lobbying around the PROSPER Act, a proposed update to the Higher Education Act that—if passed—could force Harvard to choose between millions of dollars in federal research funding and its social group penalties.


From Harvard to the Hill: Chuck Schumer’s Years at the College

Before he hobnobbed with the University's president, Schumer was just another undergraduate at the College.

Capitol Building

Faust to Lobby for Endowment Tax Repeal

University President Drew G. Faust will meet with two members of Congress this week to discuss a proposed bipartisan repeal of the endowment tax passed in December.

Capitol Building
Student Life

Pro-Greek Life PAC Fights Against Sanctions, Adds Porcellian Grad to Board of Directors

A pro-Greek life political action committee is pushing for legislation that could imperil Harvard’s social group sanctions and has added a final club member to its board of directors.

Drew G. Faust
University Finances

Faust Joins 48 Higher Ed Leaders Seeking Endowment Tax Repeal

President Faust joined 48 other university leaders in penning a letter to congressional leaders Wednesday to object to the recently passed endowment returns tax.