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In Photos: Yardfest 2019

On Sunday afternoon, students gathered in Tercentenary Theater for the College Events Board’s annual outdoor music festival Yardfest. The College made a series of changes to the event this year, including moving it from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon and instituting no-guest and no-re-entry policies.

Harvard Then and Now

In “Walden,” Henry David Thoreau asks, “Why do precisely these objects which we behold make a world?” This project by photographer Özdemir Vayısoğlu seeks to contrast the worlds created by two distinct generations of Harvard students mainly through objects they owned. Through pairs of photos, it illustrates how Harvard’s campus has transformed since the late 19th and early 20th century, reflecting the epistemological value of everyday objects we behold for understanding our ever-changing world with a historical perspective, and thereby, providing a visual archaeology of how material culture has changed Harvard over the last century.

Harvard Weissman's Conservators Protect Objects of the Past

IN Touch With History: On a dreary afternoon, a conservator fills in the cracked colors of a centuries-old illuminated manuscript. Down the aisle, the personal photo album of an African royal family is restored before it is destroyed by time. At Harvard’s Weissman Preservation Center, conservators connect with stories of the past through the artifacts they touch.

In Photos: Bomb Threat Shakes the Yard

Harvard police received an unconfirmed bomb threat via email on Monday, prompting an evacuation of four buildings in and around Harvard Yard before it was determined to be unfounded. The Crimson's multimedia staff documents the scene as the investigation unfolded.

80 Degrees and Humid

I started off spring break with a trip to Palm Beach, Florida with my friend. The hotel balcony overlooked the ocean, which was full of vacationers who were riding WaveRunners, paddle boarding, and swimming.

Snapshots of Spring Break

From Texas to Italy, and Cambridge to Florida, Crimson photographers traveled across the country and the world during spring break. These are snapshots of what they saw.

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