Marc Hauser

Marc Hauser, Former Professor Found Guilty of Academic Misconduct, Publishes First Book Since Resignation

Former psychology professor Marc D. Hauser will publish his first book since he resigned from the University two years ago following allegations of academic misconduct that were later corroborated by federal investigators.

Hauser Responds to Federal Report Published Today

In a statement to The Crimson, former Harvard psychology professor Marc D. Hauser responded to a report by the Office of Research Integrity published earlier today finding him responsible for six counts of research misconduct, including fabrication of data, doctoring of results, and misrepresentation of research methods.

Hauser Lab To House Other Professors

The tenth floor of William James Hall, which previously housed the research facilities of former psychology professor Marc D. Hauser, will be renovated to accommodate laboratory space for three other psychology professors.

Letter from Critics of Hauser Investigation

In this document, critics of Harvard's handling of the investigation into former psychology professor Marc D. Hauser assail the University, writing that scientists now need to fear an "inquisitorial method that abolishes the scientific method." Read our article for more information by clicking on the link below.

Academics Level Criticism at Harvard Over Handling of Hauser Inquiry

A group of prominent academics are circulating a letter criticizing Harvard’s handling of the allegations leveled at Marc D. Hauser.

The Waiting Game

Despite a condemning internal investigation, Harvard finds itself in the unfamiliar position of waiting for another body to dictate the future of a professor who was once a prized member of its faculty.

Fire Marc Hauser

It is high time that the Harvard Corporation break with tradition and dismiss Hauser for the “grave misconduct or neglect of duty” he committed.

Harvard Professor Marc Hauser Replicates Findings in Study Cited in Misconduct Investigation

The journal Science will publish on Friday a replication of a 2007 ­study co-authored by Psychology Professor Marc D. Hauser, who was found to be “solely responsible” for eight charges of scientific misconduct in a University investigation last August.

Psychology Department Bars Hauser from Teaching

Psychology Department Chair Susan E. Carey ’64 confirmed that psychology professor Marc D. Hauser will not be teaching next academic year.

Hauser Slated to Return to Harvard in the Fall

Harvard Psychology Professor Marc D. Hauser, who was found “solely responsible” for eight instances of scientific misconduct by an internal University investigation last August, is slated to return to Harvard this fall after a one-year leave of absence.

Hauser In the News—Again

Ultimately, new comments by Dr. Altmann do not shift the core facts of the situation: Hauser continues to be under federal investigation for a good reason, and he is guilty in the eight cases Harvard discovered.

Marc Hauser's Return to Harvard Uncertain

University President Drew G. Faust did not affirm that psychology professor Marc D. Hauser would return to Harvard, contrary to expectations that the professor will resume teaching during the next academic year.

Who Will Speak for Hauser?

Marc Hauser is the consummate scientist—the most disinterested, the most rational, the most ethical.

Scientific Community Considers Academic Consequences of Hauser's Misconduct

Following the exposure of psychology professor Marc D. Hauser’s multiple instances of academic misconduct, the scientific community has quietly set out to review the relevant literature that may have been affected by the researchers’ faulty work.

Hauser Losing Tenure Not Likely, Harvard’s History Shows

Some in the scientific community question whether psychology professor Marc D. Hauser, who faces allegations of research misconduct, should keep his teaching position at Harvard.

Hauser Maintains Control of Harvard Lab Under Supervision

Harvard Psychology Professor Marc D. Hauser will remain in charge of his laboratory in William James Hall under “supervision established by the Dean of the [Faculty of Arts and Sciences],” a University official said yesterday.

Facing Federal Inquiry: A Look at Possible Consequences

Below are a range of punitive measures available to the federal agencies investigation psychology professor Marc D. Hauser's lab.

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