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‘Prophet’ a Missed Opportunity

The Huntington Theatre’s production, which runs until May 1 at the Boston Center for the Arts, cannot overcome the deficiencies of Karam’s source material despite technical excellence and a pair of standout performances.

The Best of the Short and Sweet

Watching the five Oscar-nominated live-action short films in succession—as they are being shown at the Institute of Contemporary Art on selected days this spring—is quite the schizophrenic experience.

Irreverent 'Kashmir' Delights

As the plot thread becomes steadily more tenuous during the second act, “Kashmir If You Can” is more than ably held together by a talented cast and the inspired comic stylings of the writing staff.

Sex, Drugs, and ‘The Rocky Horror Show’

Walking into “The Rocky Horror Show,” the musical upon which the infamous cult film, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” is based, audiences more or less know what to expect: silly names, comedic horror, and blatantly sexual songs and dance numbers.

Big Boi Delivers an Adrenaline Shot to Hip Hop

Nobody expected the supposedly lesser half of hip-hop duo Outkast to lead the fight against monotony in major-label hip-hop, but with “Sir Luscious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty,” that’s exactly what Big Boi accomplishes.