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Jazzy Conspiracy: Secret Society’s ‘Real Enemies’

Heavily influenced by John Coltrane’s jazz masterpiece “Love Supreme,” the saxophone-heavy album develops the theme of conspiracy with unique instrumentation and fervent rhythms.

On Campus

'Asmarina' Addresses the Complexities of Diaspora

"Asmarina," a film about the Ethiopian-Eritrean diaspora, was shown at the Center for Government and International Studies and was followed by a conversation with filmmaker Medhin Paolos.

Portrait of an Artist: Lance Oppenheim

Artist Spotlight: Lance I. Oppenheim

Filmmaker Lance I. Oppenheim '19 talked with The Crimson about his documentary "Long Term Parking."

Overnight at the MFA

MFA Kicks Off Season of Contemporary Art With Packed Overnight

On Saturday, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts hosted its first #mfaNOW event, an all-night celebration of contemporary art intended to draw in the city’s younger crowd.


What the Hell Happened: Hollywood’s Endless Remakes

Nabokov’s writing reveals how utterly meaningless the term “original” is—every work of art relies on the one preceding it, either as inspiration or antithesis.


‘Atlanta’ Polishes an Overdone Premise

Earn's predicament is not quite desperate but not quite comfortable either; he himself is not quite deserving of pity but not quite deserving of help.

On Campus

Artist Spotlight: Tyler S. Parker

“The Flag,” a documentary by Tyler S. Parker ’17, explores the debate over the Confederate flag in the wake of the Charleston shootings. The short film focuses on the protests, both pro- and anti-flag, that took place in the South Carolina state capitol in the summer of 2015 and that eventually resulted in the flag’s removal.


‘Blackberry Winter’ Leaves Promising Premise in the Cold

The strength of the ensemble, combined with well-executed music and a truly unique set design, created an opera that was a truly fruitful reimagination of the original.

Geeks and Greeks

'Geeks and Greeks' a Weak Representation of MIT Life

Bad anthropology, to be sure, but even worse writing.

Daniel A. Citron

Thesis Spotlight: Daniel A. Citron '16

“The end project is a virtual reality experience,” says Daniel A. Citron ’16.

Game of Silence

'Game of Silence' a Tired Plot

Unfortunately, the cast of “Game of Silence” can barely handle dialogue, much less pick up the rubble left behind by a perfect storm of cliches.

Identities: James T. R. Loomos
On Campus

Roving Reporter: Identities Fashion Show

​Last Saturday, the Identities Fashion Show turned Northwest Labs into a pulsing, energetic center of fashion and student creativity. This Crimson Roving Reporter sat down with several people at the event, exploring the inner mechanics of a fashion show and what goes on behind the models’ flawless smizing.

The Golden Son by Shilpi Somaya Gowda

'The Golden Son' Not Quite Dazzling

While Gowda strongly delineates her plot and develops her main characters well, the triteness of her language and flatness of her characters often detract from the overarching themes of the novel.

Off Campus

“Set Me Free” Showcases Hal Crook’s Music and Teaching

The concert successfully showcased both Crook’s endlessly inventive compositions and his own playing. The presence of so many well-known musicians onstage with Crook also testified to his importance as a teacher as well as a composer and performer.

James Foley

HBO’s ‘Jim: the James Foley Story’ a Personal Tribute From a Childhood Friend

Hanaa J. Masalmeh reviews this well-told homage.