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Jazzy Conspiracy: Secret Society’s ‘Real Enemies’

Heavily influenced by John Coltrane’s jazz masterpiece “Love Supreme,” the saxophone-heavy album develops the theme of conspiracy with unique instrumentation and fervent rhythms.

'Asmarina' Addresses the Complexities of Diaspora

"Asmarina," a film about the Ethiopian-Eritrean diaspora, was shown at the Center for Government and International Studies and was followed by a conversation with filmmaker Medhin Paolos.

Artist Spotlight: Tyler S. Parker

“The Flag,” a documentary by Tyler S. Parker ’17, explores the debate over the Confederate flag in the wake of the Charleston shootings. The short film focuses on the protests, both pro- and anti-flag, that took place in the South Carolina state capitol in the summer of 2015 and that eventually resulted in the flag’s removal.

‘Blackberry Winter’ Leaves Promising Premise in the Cold

The strength of the ensemble, combined with well-executed music and a truly unique set design, created an opera that was a truly fruitful reimagination of the original.