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Top 6 High-Quality CGI and Live Action Movies That Need to Be Remade as Sub-par Animations

I’m with you, Disney: There are no new ideas. But why limit ourselves to remaking animated films as live action? Why not go the other direction as well? Here is a list of five perfectly good live-action and computer-generated imagery (CGI) movies that need to be remade as old-style, pixelated animations. And soon.

‘I Was Anastasia’: An Oddly Organized Novel

The novel’s structure and its historical grounding make its concept compelling, but some off-putting style choices and gaps in character development ultimately detract from its execution.

West Cork: A True Murder Mystery

“West Cork” is a podcast released by Audible, Amazon’s e-book and podcast distributor, in which Jennifer Forde and Sam Bungey delve into the murder of Sophie Tuscan du Plantier, which took place in 1996 and remains unsolved. Within the first five episodes, this true-crime series paints a complex picture of a quiet town shaken by a violent act. It investigates a murder which, despite being more than 20 years in the past, represents a real source of fear and even danger for the residents of this Irish town.

Building the Future: Creating a 21st-Century Campus on 17th-Century Foundations

From undergraduate House renewal to ambitious plans for the new Allston campus, Harvard is in a period of profound architectural transition. Crimson Arts takes a look at the history of Harvard's built environment and the possibilities for its future growth.