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Raze to Raise

Think of Harvard like you’d think of an airplane.

Canadian Pavilion, Venice Biennale.
Visual Arts

Geoffrey Farmer Builds an Alluring Apocalypse at the Venice Biennale

Farmer took a step back from the other pavilions’ fear of the apocalypse. He reminds us that what humanity is afraid of is its own end, not the end of everything.


Let's Get Physical

Although this sounds morbid, death masks are a fascinatingly personal way to come into contact with figures who were larger than life. Death masks also bring us closer to a quintessentially human aspect of these timeless personalities: their mortality.


A Proclamation

One of the remarkable features of this nation is its people’s incredible faith in its institutions, of which the Presidency has been the most revered. We will see if this picture will change in the next few months.


Horror at Houghton

he library, as a collector of old books and manuscripts, has plenty of creepy stuff that is not the human skin-bound book bound lying around in the stacks, and any horror enthusiast will have a field day exploring the collection items below.


For All

As a classics concentrator, I had never imagined that the apple of my eye in a rare books and manuscripts library would be a scientific treatise.


Beneath the Skin

It lay on the other side of the table, across from me, its unassuming leather covering indistinguishable from its living form. Human leather is eerily similar to pigskin.