"MASS. I."

THE Borsair is slowly recovering.

COATS are being stolen from the Law School.

DR. PEABODY has been lecturing in Washington.

THE University Press building is advertised for sale or to let

THE Arion Quartette gave a concert at Lowell last week.

"OUT until February 23," greets visitors to a room in Weld.

THE Sporting Column is omitted this week for lack of room.

THE latest advertising dodge is to utilize the outside of blue-books.

THE President was conspicuous by his absence at the Old South Ball.

THE Brown Alumni will have their annual reunion at Young's Hotel this evening.

THERE are more candidates for the crew at present than Harvard has had for several years.

PROFESSOR BENJAMIN PEIRCE is giving a course of six lectures at the Lowell Institute.

SUBSCRIPTIONS to Vol. XIII. of the Crimson must be paid before taking the second number.

MESSRS. CROCKER, Bancroft, and Peabody are at present coaching the candidates for the crew.

MR. C. D. MARCH, '80, has been elected an editor of the Crimson, vice MR. F. H. ALLEN, '80, resigned.