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Harvard Association of the D. K. E.


In the winter of '90-'91 the charter of "Alpha" chaper of the D. K. E. was revoked, and since then no representative organization of the D. K. E. fraternity has existed at Harvard. This was done chiefly because members of the fraternity here did not wish to admit members of the fraternity from elsewhere, simply because they belonged to another chapter. This of course was doing away with the main characteristic of the fraternity, namely, the promotion of the feeling of mutual confidence and good fellowship among all members of the fraternity wherever found.

The Harvard Association of the Delta Kappa Epsilon, founded in November of 1893, was the result of an effort to renew the broken bond at Harvard. At the beginning of the year it was found that there were many fraternity men here from different chapters, and the desire to unite themselves was so strong that a meeting was called by those most interested. R. W. Stimson, of Colby University, was appointed secretary protem and a committee was appointed, with J. E. Lough, of Miami University, as chairman to draft and propose a constitution. This was done, and at the next meeting, the organization was named as above and the following officers chosen for the ensuing year: President, H. H. Hornbrook, of Depauw University; vice-president, W. Symmes, of the University of California; secretary and treasurer, R. W. Stimson. Officers for next year will be chosen at the last regular meeting before commencement.

According to the words of the constitution, "Any D. K. E. at Harvard University, in good and regular standing in the general fraternity, is eligible to membership in this organization, and shall become a member by signifying his intention to the president."

The primary object of the association is to promote the feeling of mutual confidence and good fellowship, and the better to carry this out each member stands ready to assume a specific function, namely, the giving of information with regard to Harvard to any member of the fraternity, proposing to come here. Members at present are mostly in the graduate department, and are therefore well fitted to do this.

The organization is mainly social, however, and the members will meet the second Friday evening of each month.

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