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The 1900 Banjo and Mandolin Clubs.


The Freshman Banjo and Mandolin Clubs are not as yet an more promising than the Freshman Glee Club. Although there is good material, there are few candidates to choose from. If any one of the clubs fails to be formed, no acceptable concerts can be given in the spring.

G. Mannierre is temporary leader of the Freshman Mandolin Club. The men now playing on the club areas follows: First Mandolins, C. M. Bill, J. W. Piper, R. P. Dana, W. DeF. Bigelow, E. Euston, E. H. Graham, G. Mannierre; second Mandolins, M. Seasongood, G. H. Wilder, A. L. Becker, H. G. Parchen; third mandolin, H. B. Baldwin; guitars, W. H. Dougherty, A. F. Gotthold, F. M. Wilder, A. G. Mason, H. J. Davenport. Mannierre and G. H. Wilder have been playing on the 'Varsity Mandolin Club.

The Freshman Mandolin Club is made up of the following men: Banjos, G. H. Bunton, R. L. Mason, A. E. Wright, C. H. Tilton, H. Ward, P. F. Brown; banjeaurines, R. W. Foster, A. Drinkwater, C. H. Bell, C. H. Bell, C. M. Brown, R. G. Pratt, W. E. Skillings; guitars, F. M. Wilder, A. G. Mason, E. D. Bond, A. M. Fairlie. R. G. Pratt has been appointed temporary leader. Both clubs will practice regularly twice a week, except during the mid-year period.

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