1909 Class Day Officers

The complete list of 1909 Class Day and permanent officers is as follows:

Secretary--Arthur Goodrich Cable, of Evanston, III.

First Marshal--Francis Hardon Burr of Chestnut Hill, Mass.

Second Marshal -- Lawrence Kirby Lunt, of Colorado Springs, Col.

Third Marshal--Edward Putnam Currier of Wellesley Hills, Mass.


Treasurer--John Mansfield Groton, of Philadelphia, Pa.

Ivy Orator--Phineas McCray Henry, of Des Moines, Ia.

Orator--Edward Tubbs Wentworth, of Batavia, N. Y.

Poet--Robert Emmons Rogers, of Cambridge, Mass.

Odist--Harford Willing Hare Powel, Jr., of Newport, R. I.

Chorister--Philip Greeley Clapp, of Roxbury, Mass.

Class Committee--Robert Middlemass Middlemass, of New Britain, Conn.; William McNear Rand, of Watertown, Mass.

Class Day Committee--William Greenough Wendell, of Boston, Mass.; Charles Joseph Nourse, Jr., of New York, N. Y.; John Wilson Cutler, of Brookline, Mass.; Erastus Smith Allen, of Glendale. O.; Robert Vose White, of Hyde Park, Mass.; John Webster Simons, of Springfield, Mass.; Orrin Grout Wood, of Brookline, Mass.

Photograph Committee--George Gund, of Seattle, Wash., Paul Withington, of Honolulu, H. I.; Karl Springer Cate, of Boston, Mass.