Francis Hardon Burr Scholarship

The University has received the sum of $7,500 with which to establish a scholarship in memory of Francis Hardon Burr, '09. The wishes of the donors are set forth as follows in the terms of the gift:

"This fund is to be known as the Francis H. Burr 1909 Fund, and the yearly income therefrom is to be used in helping deserving undergraduates who combine as nearly as possible Burr's remarkable qualities of character, leadership and athletic ability.

"The recipient must be in need of financial assistance. He shall be chosen in the middle of his third year by the Dean of the College and the Chairman of the Athletic Committee. Announcement of the award is to be made at that time and the gift is to be applied in his fourth year."

Will an undergraduate Burr was a leader in scholarship, athletics and social affairs. He won his "H" in football and baseball and was captain of the Harvard nine in 1908. He was president of his class in his Freshman year, and First Marshal on its Class Day. In the autumn of 1910 he was taken ill with typhoid fever and died on December 4.

The fund was raised principally from the members of Burr's class, but some of his older friends also contributed. The committee in charge of the project was made up of three classmates: John W. Cutler, Lawrence K. Lunt, and Nathaniel S. Simpkins Jr.