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The first University Forum of the year, held in the Living Room of the Union last night, voted "No" on the question, "Resolved: That the Americans, as individuals, should openly lend moral and economic aid to the Allies." The question was hotly debated throughout and although the side in favor of the resolution was smaller than that opposed, the speaking of E. R. Roberts uC., and E. A. Leroy '16, made up in arguments what was lacking in numbers.

The discussion was opened by those against the resolution, by the statement that Germany, in the present war, lacked the essential of a fair trial. The case of Belgium was well debated by both sides. The question of the necessity of giving economic aid to the Allies was next considered by the pro side, and the fact that the world is debtor to Germany in art, literature, science and sociology was brought up by those opposed. This premise was granted by the opposition. International law was spoken of as something only for college professors to be acquainted with and not to be thought of by any nation when at war. Several speakers brought up the question of whether personal sympathies should be considered rather than the prestige of American policies. Those in favor of the question suggested that, at heart the United States should be on the side of the Allies, for the governments of Great Britain and France are democratic and liberal in contrast to the Hohenzollern beaurocracy of Germany. The vote at the end of the debate was 47 to 21 against the resolution, which was practically the original stand of the audience before the Forum opened.

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