Winter Schedule Arranged for Princeton Track and Field Event Men.

Fred Rocque, coach of the Boston Arena hockey team last year which won the championship of the country, and formerly a Dartmouth coach, has been engaged by the Yale Athletic Association as coach for the Yale hockey team for the coming season.

Roques is a Canadian, and played for 12 years with the Sherbrooke team of Quebec. He then went to Dartmouth as coach of the team which two years ago came through the season with only one defeat, by Yale, 4 to 1, and last year had change of the Boston Arena team.

Winter, track work at Princeton has started under Coach Keene Fitzpatrick. This work which will continue up to the Christmas vacation, is preliminary to the regular spring practice. A new board track has been built and a better place for the hammer throwers has been fixed in the cage. In good weather the runners will work out of doors and on inclement days the whole squad will meet in the cage. Plans are now being considered for forming a second track team composed of those men who are not able to make the university team. This team will also participate in meets with other colleges. In this way all candidates will have a chance to compete in regular races.

The indoor track schedule is not quite complete, but besides the Intercollegiates and the interclass meets the Princeton team will enter a larger number of indoor meets with other colleges this year than ever before. A mile relay race is being arranged with the University to be held on February 3 over the track of the Boston Indoor Athletic Association. A similar race is being scheduled with Yale. At present the team has a comparatively large squad of sprinters, but is greatly lacking in men for the pole vault, broad-jump and high-jump.

Northwestern University, dissatisfied with its failure to arrange a more suitable football schedule in the Western Conference in 1917, will attempt to arrange at least one, and possibly two games with leading Eastern universities next season, according to an announcement made by F. J. Murphy, head coach. Northwestern will not withdraw from the Conference but was disappointed over the continued coalition of the interests of Wisconsin, Chicago, Minnesota and Illinois, at the expense of the other five universities in the conference.