The University hockey seven came through and surprised most of the spectators on Saturday night by turning back the crack St. Nicholas team with a 4 to 2 score. The Crimson team played in the highest form yet reached this season against Hobey Baker and the other former college stars, giving a vastly different exhibition from that of the team against Yale a week before. The University's victory was a decided upset to hockey enthusiasts, the St. Nicks being strong favorites before the game; but after the contest had gone a few minutes it was evident that the New Yorkers were up against a combination that needed no handicap to win. The Crimson players won on excellent all-around hockey, team-work and strong defensive work, coupled with the "punch" at the right moment that was so utterly lacking in the Yale game. Coach Winsor's forwards, drilled to follow back four abreast, worked perfectly for defensive work, while Captain Morgan, Loty, and Wylde kept the visitors working hard for their two tallies. As was the case last year, the Crimson forwards announced in keeping the great Hobey Baker well covered, and against Percy and "Ned" Baker, he had little chance to get under way. The University wings held up their positions better than in any previous contest, Taylor playing a particularly aggressive game. Percy played his best game of the season, and succeeded almost every time in checking Hobey Baker's dashes by forcing him off to the side, where the other Harvard men covered him nicely.

St. Nicholas flashed in the first two minutes. Baker got three good shots at the goal, and the last one brought a score when Cox caught the rebound from Wylde's guards and drove the rubber into the net. Five minutes later Captain Morgan's excellent individual rush evened the score. He carried the puck around the outer defence and, after a short drive which Carnochan stopped, went around the cage and whipped the puck in before Trimble or Willetts could clear it away. For nine minutes after that the play see-sawed up and down the rink with Percy and Doty figuring most conspicuously, and then Cox passed over to Hobey Baker, and the latter scored on a long, sizzling shot. The Crimson went ahead, however, before the end of the half. Percy tallied on a pretty pass from Captain Morgan, and Rice lifted one of his well-directed shots past Carnochan on a pass from Percy.

The game slowed down a good deal in the second half, but the University made its victory sure after a pretty piece of team-work by W. Morgan and Taylor, who had relieved Rice and Thacher on the wings. Morgan carried the puck down the side-boards past the St. Nicholas outer defence, and passed across the width of the rink to Taylor, who drove a fast shot into the net. For the remainder of the game Percy's speed and "Ned" Baker's stick-work suppressed the efforts of Hobey Baker to send his team ahead, and the score remained 4 to 2 at the end.

The summary:

HARVARD.  ST. NICHOAS.Rice, l.w.  r.w., FoxBaker, l.c.  c., EllisPercy, r.c.  r., BakerThacher, r.w.  l.w., CoxDoty, c.p.  c.p., WillettsMorgan, p.  p., TrimbleWylde, g.  g., Carnocha