All Except Desmond Resume Practice After Rest of Two Days-Short Scrimmage.

Practice for the University football men who fought against Princeton was resumed yesterday afternoon when every man, except J. K. Desmond Occ. took part in the drill. Although the regulars have had two days rest Coach Fisher scheduled nothing stiffer in the way of practice than signal drill and a short dummy scrimmage against the second team.

Practice opened with a long work-out in signals for all the first-string teams. About 4 o'clock the seconds were brought into the Stadium and sent against team A. The line-up that faced the seconds differed in two respects from that which opposed the Tigers. R. K. Kane '22 who has filed a tackle position in almost every game was shifted to right end in place of Desmond, who had not recovered sufficiently from his battering in the Princeton game to take part in practice yesterday. It is evident that the lack of promising end candidates has indeed the coaches to try Kane on the wing. W. D. Hubbard '22 filled his place yesterday and probably will continue to do so unless i is decided to put Kane back in his old berth. There is very little to choose between Kane and Hubbard for a tackle, Hubbard having played in every game when either Kane or R. M. Sedgwick '21, the regular tackles, have been unable to play.

The other change was made in the backfield, A. Horween '20 replacing S. Burnham. It is still too soon before the Yale game and the line-up in the Tufts game will be too problematical to draw any deductions from the substitutions in the eleven