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A 4 to 3 score marked a victory for the University over the Dartmouth Club sextet similar to its victory over Yale last Saturday. Aggressiveness and fight in the second half-pulled the game out of what looked like defeat, while superior team play throughout tried the Green defense and goal to the utmost. Steady work on the forward line during the past week showed its results in the form the men exhibited last night. Time and again the forwards swept against the Dartmouth defense, while the Crimson defense was nearly impregnable against the individual brilliancy of the Club players.

Goal-Tenders on the Job.

On both sides the work of the goaltenders did much to keep the score down as nearly every one of the tallies which penetrated the cages were pushed in from a scrimmage at the goal-tenders' feet, the first goal only, made by Murphy of Dartmouth, being shot from a direct drive down the ice. During the first half of the initial period no score was made, until Murphy received a pretty pass from Bower, eluded the defense and tucked away the first goal nine minutes and 15 seconds after the face-off. Thereafter the Crimson pulled itself together and carried the play to the vicinity of the Dartmouth goal, where R. W. Emmons, 3rd,-'20, poked in the first University score from a scrimmage at the corner of the cage. With the score 2 to 1 against them at the beginning of the second period the Crimson skaters took things into their own hands and forced the play into Dartmouth territory.

Murphy Makes First Tally.

Not a shot came within range of Holmes at goal until Murphy caged the puck shortly before the 10-minute mark, after which individual sallies carried the rubber back and forth until Emmons was able to score from a scrimmage after 14 minutes were up. Four minutes later a shot from behind the Crimson goal was flipped into the net by Murphy. Just as

the period closed J. Gaston '21 went in for Emmons at right wing.

Luck was with the Crimson in the last half, which, combined with superior team play and aggressiveness, brought the score to 4-3 as the gong sounded. F. McN. Bacon '20 evened the score on a lucky back-hand shot which slipped between Holden's legs in five minutes and 50 seconds from the start, followed by a tally by N. S. Walker '20 on a carom from a wild short of Bacon's. Holmes of Dartmouth again balanced the score by shooting the puck part the Harvard goal after the latter had been drawn out on a difficult stop.

The University was strong toward the close, Stubs in particular fishing brilliantly. Shot after shot caromed around the Dartmouth cage, until Bacon netted the winning tally at the 15-20 minute mark.

The summary:

HARVARD.  DARTMOUTH CLUB.Bacon, l.w.  r.w. Bower, ProctorBigelow, c.  c., HolmesEmmons, Gaston, Baker, r.w.  l.w., MurphyWalker, c.p.  c.p., TuckStubs, p.  p., MuncieHolmes, g.  g., Holde

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