317 Citations in United States Army Recorded--31 Mentioned in British Army Dispatches--University Represented by 11,398 in Service

Figures compiled in connection with the publication of "Harvard's Military Record in the War", have been issued by the University War Records Office. They show that 1014 decorations were bestowed on Harvard men, in addition to 317 citations in the United States army and 31 men mentioned in dispatches of the British army. The total number of University men in the military and naval service, as far as records have been received at the University, was 11,398.

Lieutenant Charles W. Whittlesey was one of the two University men who won the Congressional Medal of Honor. Colonel Whittlesey graduated from the Law School in 1908 after taking his undergraduate course at Williams. The other University winner of the Congressional Medal is Major George G. McMurtry Jr. '99, another hero of the Argonne.

Eighty-Two Receive D. S. C.

Eighty-two won the American Distinguished Service Cross, among them being Lieutenant Colonel Hanford MacNider '11, the present commander of the American Legion. The French Medaille Militarie, awarded only for gallant conduct on the field of action, went to 13 men from the University: Private John W. Ames Jr. '18, Lieutenant William V. Booth Jr. 13, Lieutenant Van Duzer Burton '19, Sergeant Victor E. Chapman '13, Private Andre Cheronnet-Champollion '02, Major Elliot C. Cowdin 2d '09, Captain James N. Hall G. 11, Private Robert Hatch L. '12, Chaplain Albert Leo S. T. B. '05, Sergeant Robert E. Pellissier '04; Lieutenant Norman Prince '08, Flight Commander David E. Putnam '20, and Sergeant Harold B. Willis '12.

The Distinguisher Service Order was awarded by the British Government to 21 Harvard men. They are Major Edward Bowditch Jr. '03, Major Russell W. Bryant '05, Major Robert Emmet '93, Lieutenant-Colonel Walter S. Franklin '06, Major Lord Gorell L. '04, who died of wounds on January 16, 1917; Lieutenant-Colonel William H. Harrison LL.B. '03, Major Robert G. Henderson '10, Private Henry A. Holland L. '14, Major Cyrus F. Inches '05, Colonel Van Rensselaer C. King '01, Lieutenant-Colonel Chalmers J. Mersereau A.M. '09, Lieutenant Walter G. Oakman Jr. '07, Major William G. Peterson G. '12, Major Oswald H. Robertson M.D. '15, Lieutenant-Colonel Barry W. Roscoe L. '05, Major George C. Shattuck '01, Major William H. Stayton Jr. '16, Captain Yoshitake Uyeda S. '11, Lieutenant-Colonel George C. Ward '98; Lieutenant-Colonel James G. Weir A.M. '09, and Lieutenant-Colonel J. Enrique Zanetti '06.


Gain Distinction for Flying

The British Distinguished Flying Cross, another very high distinction, was won by Major Frederick C. Baker '12; Lieutenant Lloyd A. Hamilton, G.B. '17, who was killed in action while serving with the Royal Air Force, and was officially credited with the destruction of eight enemy airplanes and six balloons; Captain Paul T. Iaccaci '13; Lieutenant Howard Knotts, LL.B. '21, and Lieutenant Robert H. Reece '11.

According to the War Records Office figures, taking no account of the S. A. T. C., there were 8144 Harvard men in the armies of the United States and its associates, of whom 6010 or over 73 percent received commissions; while in the navies of the United States or its associates there were 1882 men from the University, of whom 1341, or over 71 per cent were commissioned. The total number of Harvard men on the Honor Roll of those who died in the war is 372.