Plays for Entire Second Period, Scoring Four Goals--B. U. Forced to Three Man Defence in Last Session

The Harvard hockey squad defeated the Boston University team 8 to 1 last night at the Arena. Nineteen Crimson players took part.

In spite of the fact that the great number of substitutions enabled the University stick-men to work harder while they were on the ice, this difference in reserves was not sufficient to account for the far greater speed which the Harvard men flashed on all occasions. It was a common sight for the Crimson forwards to walk right away from any B. U. man who attempted to check them, while it was equally the rule for an opposing player who had broken loose towards the goal to be overhauled from behind by one of the University skaters.

The Crimson did not exhibit much of a passing game, but it was hardly necessary, as six of the scores were made by individual dashes down the rink. During the last period B. U. adopted the three-man defence whenever the University showed the slightest inclination to journey goalwards, but even this manoeuvre proved of little effect. Referee Sands kept the penalty pen full enough, but the Crimson furnished most of the occupants.

First Period Ends in Tie

The first score came after 6 minutes and 13 seconds of play from a scrimmage in front of the B. U. goal. Hodder passed across to Beals, who drove the puck into the net. The rubber first struck some one's leg, and had barely enough momentum to roll into the cage unobserved by Hurteau. Four minutes later the Terriers evened the count after Almer carried the puck half the length of the ice and let drive at the Crimson goal. Cummings deflected the shot but Blais was on hand to knock it into the net.


At the start of the second period an entirely fresh Crimson team took the ice and later on still another set of forwards and defence men were installed. Harding started the fireworks by speeding down the left lane until he seemed too far beyond the cage to shoot, but nevertheless the puck caught on the further edge of the cage and bounded in. The next goal came from Hill, who scored on a short shot from a scrimmage. A few seconds later Austin raided the enemy territory and drove home the fourth score.

The flood of goals displeased the B. U. coach, and as a result Kelley went in for Hurteau. After the change the Crimson succeeded in making but one more score before the gong, when Harding lifted in a long shot which slipped between the goal tender's knees.

First String Line-Up Returns

The first string line-up went back into play at the beginning of the last session, with Newell in the cage, while Hurteau returned to his former post in the B. U. net. The three final scores came at about four minute intervals, the first being when Walker fired straight for Hurteau, whose view was obstructed by several men on his own team. With a dazzling burst of speed Hill completely outskated and encircled the two B. U. defence men, and then did not shoot until he was certain of driving the puck home. The final tally, like the first, came from Beals' stick, when he picked a rebound out of a scrimmage and scooped it into the net.

The summary:

HARVARD  BOSTON UNIVERSITYWalker, Austin, Howe, l.w.  r.w., Blais, WennebergHodder, Harding, Gardner, c.  c., Almer, McCraeBeals, Hill, Peirson, Burgess, r.w.  l.w., Ling, AshcroftChase, Graves, Martin, l.d.  r.d., Kontoff, AshcroftCrosby, Hammond, Pratt, r.d.  l.d., ProvostCummings, Bradford, Newell, g.  g., Hurteau, Kelle