1926 Shell Holds Early Lead to Win by Quarter Length From Sophomore Crew--Seniors Length Behind 1927

Only a quarter length separated the Junior class eight from the Sophomore shell at the end of the class crew races yesterday over the mile course on the Charles. The Senior class crew was about one length behind the victorious 1927 shell.

Maintaining a slightly higher stroke throughout the race, the 1926 boat still had something in reserve when the Sophomore shell began to creep up, and was therefore able to hold its slight lead at the finish.

Although yesterday's races were intended to complete fall rowing for class crews, Coach E. J. Brown '94 has determined to make up at least one shell from the men who wish to continue rowing, and two if sufficient men manifest interest.

The crews rowed as follows:

Senior--Stroke, Lovell Thompson; 7, H. M. Watts Jr.; 6, W. C. Holden; 5, E. S. Washburn; 4, Samuel Reber; 3, W. M. Fairleigh; 2, Mason Hammond; bow, P. D. Trafford; cox., Joseph Sullivan.


Junior--Stroke, O. L. Dane Jr.; 7, L. K. Macnair; 6, G. W. Goddard: 5, J. D. W. Blosser; 4, H. R. Gale; 3, Moorefield Storey; 2, E. A. Smith; bow, J. W. Lund; cox., B. A. G. Thorndike.

Sophomore--Stroke, Richardson White; 7, J. B. Olmsted; 6, L. J. Knowles; 5, R. S. Rilley Jr.; 4, George Bancroft; 3, R. S. Morse; 2, A. J. Weisman; bow, S. A. Buckingham; cox., C. B. Ely.