Hodder Scores With Three Teammates in Penalty Box--Ellison and Pratt Show Up Well on Defence

In an exceptionally rough game, during which five players occupied the penalty box at one time in the final period, the University hockey team defeated the Boston University sextet 6 to 1 last night in the Arena. Captain Beals celebrated his return to the lineup by scoring two goals, and playing an aggressive brand of hockey which did much to keep the H. F. skaters almost constantly on the defensive.

Rough Things Up in Second Period

After a listless opening session in which Coach Bigelow resorted to frequent substitutions, the Crimson skaters came on the ice for the second period with only one change in the starting lineup. Newell played goal. Beals scored his second goal of the evening in short order, and at this point the Terriers, with their captain, Kontoff, as the principal aggressor, began to rough things up. The Crimson players retaliated, and for the balance of the game the penalty box was rarely unoccupied. In the final period, a collision with Beals so injured Kontoff that he had to be removed from the game.

Hodder Scores With Team of Three

In the last period, with only Newell at goal and Pratt at defense, Hodder skated from behind his own goal through the three Boston University players still on the ice, and cared a hard shot at the corner of the net.

The return of Beals to the first forward line strengthened the team considerably. The passing was of a high order, and the aggressive checking back on the part of the whole team was instrumental in keeping the puck in B. E. territory throughout most of the game.

Ellison and Pratt at defense played well last night. Not once did the B. U. forwards succeed in getting around either player. That Ellison's frequent sallies, and hard shots at the Terrier net did not once succeed in scoring were due to some excellent stops on the part of the goal guard. The improvement in play over the M. I. T. performance was particularly marked last night, and indications point to a 1925 Crimson sextet which will be a strong, contender for championship honors when the big games come around.

The summary: Harvard  Boston University Austin, Howe, Burgess, Scott l.w.  r.w. Gregorie, Scott Hodder, Durant, Pruyn, Gross c.  c.J. Kontoff Beals, Hamlen, Bailey, Peirson r.w.  l.w. Lawless, Ling, Wenneberg Pratt, Bohlen l.d.  r.d. Viano, Goldfein Ellison, Wylde r.d.  l.d. M. Kontoff Cunnings, Newell g.  g. Martin, Kelley

Score, Harvard 6, Boston University 1. Goals, Beals 2, Austin 2, Hodder, Pratt, Viano. Referees, Synott and Wiggett. Time, three 17-minute periods.