Report Card


B THE RED TIGER by Don Skene (Appleton-Century, $1.50) Funny -- and pumy. A tongue-in-the-cheek torne about prize fighters. Introduction by Damon Runyon to this writer's "first" sets a fast pace. The book keeps it.


B TREASURE ISLAND--stretches the imagination unless you have read and thrilled to the immortal Robert Louis Stevenson story. But if you have and did, the team of Wallace (face-making) Berry and Jackie (wide-eyed) Cooper will do things to you. The guns go bang, the pirates faw down and the treasure's recovered. Hooray! (Chic Sale Lionel Barrymore)

B ONE NIGHT OF LOVE--This one misses A rating simply because of a silly title. Probably the first motion picture to bring opera to the screen without losing its effectiveness and still retain the average movie-goer's interest. Grace Moore in splendid voice. (Tullio Carminati Lyle Talbot)



B BILLY BATCHELOR--and his famous twins, Peter and Pan in Wheatenaville sketches are back on the air after a layoff. Same homely, small town humor. Well cast. (NBC-WEAF network every day except Sat. and Sun., 5:45 PM EST)

B THE HOUSE BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD--a new feature with a new sponsor. Tony Wons goes philosophically dramatic with excellent supporting music and comedy. If you're a Wons fan, you'll be listenin't (NBC-WEAF network Sundays, 4:30 PM EST)


A DODSWORTH--Last season's most ambitions dramatic success continues after a brief summer rest period. Will continue as a "best" for a long time, although it will never equal many of the record runs scored on theater row. Again headlines Walter Huston, Fay Bainter, Harlan Briggs, et al.

C FRESH FIELDS--Now in Chicago bright lights, with Margaret Anglin and Alexandria Carlisle. Will undoubtedly seek fresher fields soon after close of Century of Progress.