Finer, Crampton, and Smith Win Their Matches--Olney and Robertson Tie Eli Opponents

When Gordy Robertson battled to a draw with Dick Barr, Ell 175-pounder, in the crucial bout of Saturday afternoon's fray, he assured the Crimson of the 4-4 the which indicates accurately the relative strength of the two teams.

While Robertson was superior at long range, the stockier Yale boxer was a past master of infighting. After trading blows evenly for three rounds, they were both tottering so that it seemed an even gamble which one would go down, and swing the victory to one side or the other.

Smith Wins Decision

Bill Smith fought his customary cool and businesslike match at 165 pounds. He floored Galland in the first round after shaking him with slamming hooks, which he always followed up with short lefts. Trying to add another knockout to his impressive list of this season, he missed several openings in the final minutes, but was awarded a close decision.

Larry Crampton has collected a considerable following which made itself evidence when he won a decision over Abe Smick in the 135-pound class. He is an accomplished counter fighter, and landed some of the most telling blows of the afternoon in this way.


The other Harvard winner was Stuart Finer, 115-pounder, who worked a jab, cross, and hook against Newman to put him on the defensive after the latter's early aggressiveness.

Pete Olney took six staggering rights to the head in the second round which lost him the match to Huffman, in the 155-pound class. Luther Loomis, Yale 145-pounder, fell in and out of clinches between his impulsive rushes and effective infighting to win a draw with John Brassil.