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Describing the Hitler regime as "receivership of a broken down bourgeois order," Dorothy Thompson, wife of Sinclair Lewis, discussed the problems which the rule of the National Socialist party in Germany throw upon the world.

Ambiguous Aims

When the national socialists came to power, they were supported by many opposing elements in Germany, and Mrs. Lewis believes that this was the cause of the ambiguous aims of the government. For some, national socialism stood as the anti-semitic cause, for some it meant pomp and splendour, for some the cause of nationalism and rearmament.

"For the youth it was something else again." They were confronted with a world combined against them; there were no jobs; "they read into National Socialism their own ideals."

These inner conflicts could not go on, and in the "purge" of the 30th of June, the "more radical elements were put out by a very simple way assassination Not one of these was gives a semblance of a trial." Mrs. Lewis feels that this purge definitely decided that there was to be no radical economic policy, and that the military clique would back Hitler, but would do so only on its own terms.

"The great bulk of re-employment," she said, "has been put on the workers themselves. Wages for skilled workers are at an all time low, while the cost of living has risen tremendously, and taxes are steadily increasing." Besides this, the national debt has risen to an alarming figure.

War or Socialism in Future

"His policy can lead only one way, to out-and-out socialism or to war. Hitler reckons with war as an inevitable step on his way. I don't have to prove that--Mr. Hitler's book can be read, his speeches can be read.

"The Jewish problem has created the most appalling uncase all over the world. Everything should be done to make Germany realize this. Hitler has taken the treakest and most unorganized people in the world to stamp on."

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