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First to sympathize with the death of strip-tease in New York was the ravishing Ann Corio, famous Old Howard artist, who claimed that burlesque had been "getting along nicely as long as Mr. Minsky kept his nose out of it".

Between daubs of mascara in Boston's notorious showplace, the strip queen affirmed her loathing for the audience of the Manhattan metropolis. Blinded by over-concentrated spots, burlesques suffer from the unhealthy expectancy of the crowd there whose only thought is "how many and how soon" clothes will be discarded.

Ann, who says Harvard boys are her "favorites" wherever she goes, disapproves of mixed nudist colonies. "It is a healthy recreation, provided the sexes are not together". The new marriage courses at Vassar she praised and urged their institution at all colleges. "It's not a bad idea to teach young girls the beauties of their bodies."

An enthusiast of golf, tennis, and swimming the strip artist likes to pretend that University students are responsible for her success in Boston. "I like to read and knit, too", she said,"--awfully old fashioned, isn't it?"

Would she resist taking an oath of allegiance to the U. S. constitution as a professional? "No", she emphasized, throwing back her black hair, "I have nothing to complain about; I am an American through and through."

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