University Asked to Donate Tuition Costs for 20 Refugees; Hanford Is Weighing Possibilities of Aid

Seven students, representing the Harvard Committee for Refugees, the Debating Council, Phillips Brooks House, and the Avukah Society will appeal to President Conant today for University aid as they launch an extensive program for the transfer of German refugee students to Harvard.

With the aim of bringing 20 fugitives from Nazi persecution to Cambridge in the near future, the committee is planning a drive to raise at least $25,000 from alumni and $10,000 from students and faculty. It is hoped that the University will provide tuition expenses.

Maintenance costs per student, exclusive of tuition, have been estimated at $600 to $700.

Lane Heads Delegation

Heading the delegation which confers with President Conant today is Robert E. Lane '39, chairman of the committee and president of the American Student Union. Others are Philip Bagby, Jr. '39, secretary-treasurer of the committee, Lawrence F. Ebb '39, chairman of the Debating Council, Irving M. London '39, head of the New England Avukah Society, Abba P. Schwartz 3L., chairman of the Law School Refugee Committee, and Edmond LaB. Cherbonnier '39, P. B. H. president.


Richard H. Sullivan '39, president of the Student Council, will also be present in an unofficial capacity.

Hanford Investigating

The group conferred on Wednesday with Dean Hanford, who is investigating possibilities of University action. When questioned last night, he pointed out that the University has never waived tuition costs except through scholarships, and that most scholarship funds have already been allocated.