Freak Playoff This Morning Will Initiate Eastern Intercollegiate Golf Tournament

Harvard, Yale, Green Shoot For Northern Triumph

One of the most unusual playoffs in the history of the Eastern Intercollegiate Golf Association will take place today over the links of the Woodway Country Club, Stamford, Connecticut, with three teams in the Northern Division and the same number in the Southern Division, meeting in what amounts to each team playing two other teams at the same time.

Asa S. Bushnell, executive director of the Association has notified Yale, Harvard and Dartmouth of the Northern Division, and Penn State, Georgetown and Princeton of the Southern Division, to start play at 10:30 o'clock to decide the championship of each division, and the finalists for the title round which will be held on Saturday over the same course.

The ties were the result of the final round of the round robin series over last week-end. Yale, which apparently was headed for the Northern Division championship with four victories and no defeats ran into unexpected opposition from a surprisingly strong Dartmouth team, and lost 7 to 3. Harvard, which lost its match to Yale 9 to 0, but defeated Dartmouth for the Green's only reverse, remained in the picture as a division possibility for the title.

In the Southern Division Penn State after defeating Georgetown 5 to 4, lost to Princeton 5 to 4. Princeton lost its only match to Georgetown 6 to 3 in the opening round.