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William Bollay, instructor in Applied Mechanics and head of the C.A.A. courses at Harvard since they began two years ago, will leave the University today for Washington, where a commission in the Navy and a post as aviation specialist in the Bureau of Aeronautics awaits him.

In the absence of Bollay, Howard W. Emmons, instructor in Mechanical Engineering, will take over the responsibility of the flying courses as well as the wind tunnel in the aeronautical laboratory.

Although he will continue his work with the government for the duration of the national emergency, Bollay has not severed all connections with Harvard and will be technically on a leave of absence pending his return. As an on sign in the Naval Reserve, he will report to the Bureau of Aeronautics, part of the Navy Department, on October 1.

His successor, Emmons, came to Harvard last fall as an instructor and has done research in aeronautics which qualities him as a capable director for the wind tunnel and other experimental projects.

The final lists of student who will take the primary and secondary courses the first half year has not been drawn up yet. Of the 65 who applied only 30 will gain admittance; over a dozen will take the ground course during the first half year without the actual flying; and the rest have been eliminated.

Of the four courses offered by the Civil Aeronautics Authority only the first two are organized by the University.

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